AKM7735DSP-The ultimate auditory feast

Chip Type:AKM7735eq

Chip Introduction

The AK7735 is a highly integrated digital signal processor, including a 24-bit stereo ADC with MIC gain

amplifiers, a 24-bit stereo ADC with input selector, two 32-bit stereo DACs, 2 stereo sampling rate

convertors supporting the sampling frequency up to 192kHz and dual DSPs for Audio/HF process. Each

DSP has 3072step/fs (when fs=48kHz) parallel processing power.

Functions: 1, intelligent sound adjustment, reverberation, sound field, bass, Liyin
2, sound field adjustment
3. EQ adjustment in stage 30
4. Delay setting
5. Setting of high-low pass filter
6, intelligent alto and bass regulation
DSP features: chip built-in dual DSP, support RCA5.1 channel output, medium and subwoofer can separately adjust the gain and frequency range, SUB heavy bass output, the maximum output amplitude of 5V (bilateral), 30 EQ adjustable, front and rear horn high-low pass filter. Intelligent sound effect can adjust reverberation, sound field, bass, beauty, simple user interface, easy to understand the operation.

Sound quality characteristics: medium and high frequencies clear and bright, distinct layers, authentic human voice, low frequency thick and powerful.

Key indicators:
Maximum power: 4*25W
Frequency response: 17hz: 0db 127hz: 0db 10007hz: 0db 19997hz: 0db
Signal to noise ratio: 85db
Distortion: 0.05%
RCA output power: 3.6V (bilateral)
Subwoofer Output Power: 5V (bilateral)
Medium output power: 5V (two-sided)

Block Diagram: