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Corporate philosophy

 ZESTECH are always insist on these codes of conduct: Benevolence, Righteousness, Manners, Wisdom, Faith. Keeping forging ahead and surpassing. Stick to the business philosophy to let customers, partners, shareholders and employees earn money. and to create a world famous automotive brand in the next ten years.

Keep in mind that integrity is the foundation of enterprise development. The higher the level of integrity of the enterprise, the scope of trust between people will be expanded, the cost of enterprise management will be reduced, and the benefit will be improved. When enterprises have a good grasp of quantity and degree, honesty, promise keeping, understanding, trust and tolerance in their production and operation activities, a benign interactive relationship will be formed, and enterprises will be able to open up wider development space in the fields of production, market and circulation, and optimize the combination of personnel, materials, capital and other elements to form reproduction advantages. Therefore, integrity is not only an important factor to establish a good market environment, but also an important basis for their own development.
To be honest, we should draw a clear line between honesty and acting according to law. For individuals, to abide by the rules and regulations of the enterprise is to be honest, and to be loyal to their duties is to be loyal to the enterprise. In the course of economic activities, there is often a contradiction between acting in good faith and acting in accordance with the law. At this time, we must act in accordance with the law without ambiguity, and we must never misinterpret good faith and violate laws and disciplines. Honesty is more meaningful only when we act according to law. Draw the line between integrity and confidentiality. In the economic activities of an enterprise, the preservation of its business secrets is protected by law. Can not emphasize the need to speak of good faith, the enterprise business secrets leaked out.
If an enterprise wants to build an honest brand, it needs full participation. Only with one heart can great things be achieved. Enterprises should closely combine the work of cadres and employees, organize and carry out various forms of carrier activities, and integrate educational and practical activities into the whole process of enterprise production, operation and management. In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to participate, the organization of employees in the study of the relevant integrity knowledge and norms under the premise of passing the full examination, to achieve the training effect. In this kind of enterprise culture atmosphere of integrity, all enterprise members will be imperceptibly influenced by integrity and committed to building their own enterprise brand of integrity, so as to stabilize the position of enterprise image in the hearts of consumers and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises against rivals.

Corporate responsibility is the product of the development of social civilization, as well as the symbol and responsibility of social civilization. It is the product of mankind’s industrial civilization, and it is an obligation that enterprises must undertake.
Enterprises to carry out the social responsibility, realize the enterprise economic responsibility, social responsibility and environmental responsibility of dynamic balance, it will enhance the enterprise the competitive ability and social responsibility, for the enterprise to set up good reputation and image, so as to enhance the brand image of the company for all stakeholders of the good impression of the enterprise, enhance investor confidence easily attract the enterprise need talent, And retain talent and so on.

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