Experience the Future of Travel with Intelligent Cockpit

Introduction to Vehicle Smart Cockpit

      In the contemporary automotive landscape, the integration of advanced technologies has revolutionized the driving experience. At the forefront of this revolution lies the concept of the vehicle smart cockpit, a sophisticated amalgamation of intelligent systems designed to enhance comfort, convenience, safety, and entertainment within the confines of an automobile.

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      This solution is based on Qualcomm SM6125 main chip expansion development, This chip has the characteristics of rich functional, high integration, low power consumption, excellent performance and stable quality. It can meet the needs of automotive intelligence and networking, shorten the project development cycle, reduce R & D investment, and reduce quality risks. The system integrates 4G,GPS/Beidou/Glonass, Display output is supported:FHD( 2520 * 1080 )@ 60fp Integrated 4G full Netcom, support Cat12 (600Mbps DL) /Cat13(150 Mbps UL) It runs the latest Android operating system Android Q Supports built-in AVM、DMS algorithm Support online voice recognition, online ecological application.

      The host uses Android Automotive system, Android Automotive is a basic Android platform in-car infotainment system, Referred to as IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), which is essentially an operating system running on the automotive infotainment system, it runs directly on the vehicle hardware, it is a full-stack, open source and highly customizable platform to provide power for the automotive infotainment system; It supports apps built for Android, as well as apps built for Android Auto;

      Built-in AVM, DMS, OMS algorithm,  Built-in radio chip, support RDS function,  Smart voice recognition, local voice recognition+online voice recognition,  DSP sound effect algorithm, support third -party audio solution, master sound effects,  RVC function, support reversing trajectory, radar signal superimposed,  Built -in A2B chip connecting external amplifiers, supporting TDM8 output, sound effect strategy is more flexible, Built -in 4G communication, support soft TBOX, support OTA upgrade, support dormant wake – up STR mode;  Multi -language switching in Chinese/English, supporting the expansion of multi -sets of language packages,  Bluetooth phone function, phone book synchronization, call name display,  Mobile phone screening function, supports CarPlay & Android Auto function, support certification,  Built -in multi -way CAN, which can support CAN gateway functions;  Support Ethernet access,  Support 4 -screen design, support 1 LVDS instrument cast screen, Built -in DVR, support the front and rear dual records, and the 2 -way camera recording,

Chip Introduction

System Chip Table

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IVI Block Diagram

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Instrument UI Introduction

360 Panoramic Parking

Analog HD AHD&LVDS input 720P&1080P HD 3D real-time panorama Image segmentation or seamless stitching, correction The steering screen automatically switches Support offline calibration and online calibration Supports ADAS functions such as MOD, PD, LDW, and BSD

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Integrate third-party speech algorithms Support voice wake up, customizable wake up words, Dual microphone noise cancellation, sound source positioning, The speech recognition accuracy rate is above 95% Support local + cloud hybrid mode Supports natural semantic understanding Supports TTS speech synthesis broadcast Support voice dialing, voice input navigation destination, song playback, function switching, and so on

Ecological Application

Real-time weather

Online music

Online video

Listen to books …


Live Navigation

Support voice input destination Support Android maps Support real-time traffic navigation Supports offline and online maps


Supports global radio frequency bands Supports the RDS function Commonly used radio station collection Support remote control listening Support stereo, mono reception Touch operation Voice Control

Live Navigation

Support voice dialing Call history viewing Redial the last call Reboot automatically Play music Supports simultaneous pairing of five mobile phones Phone book download speed 40 PCS/SEC <=10m receiving distance

Astern rearview

Quickly reverse the rear view, and the reverse screen is displayed within 3S The reverse window is added within 1S during normal operation Precise steering wheel Angle dynamic assist line Support dynamic reverse trajectory during quick start Radar display information can be superimposed Fast startup with dynamic trajectory support


Support IOS&Android mobile operating system USB connection plug and play Carplay、Android Auto、Carlife、Hicar Support mobile phone power supply Support Internet map real-time road conditions, online navigation Support third generation music players (online radio and online music) Support car machine and mobile phone two-way operation

Mixzing Media Player

Supports local video, audio, and picture playback ID3 information is displayed Support voice control search, play, up and down music Front and background playback, breakpoint memory Audio format:MP3、AAC、WMA、WAV...... Video format:MP4、MOV、AVI、DIVX、WMV、MPG、MKV、RMVB...... Picture format:JPG、PNG、GIF、BMP