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ZESTECH has passed the ISO 9001, IATF 16949 system certifications and carried strictly. The whole product series are passed CCC, FCC, CE, E-Mark, NTR A etc.. ZESTECH has Rich OEM & ODM experiece, Strong R&D team,

The Moving Process


Car-mounted multimedia logo customization is a service that provides custom-made logos for multimedia systems installed in vehicles. This service involves designing and manufacturing logos that are tailored to a specific brand or company.

Model Customization

Car-mounted multimedia navigation mold customization is a service that provides custom-made molds for multimedia navigation systems installed in vehicles. This service involves designing and manufacturing molds that are tailor-made to fit the multimedia navigation system that will be installed in a specific type of vehicle.


Car manufacturers worldwide are looking to provide personalized and seamless experiences to their customers, which has led them to invest in customized car multimedia software. This software allows users to personalize in-car entertainment and infotainment features to match their preferences, offering a unique experience with powerful functionality.


With the increasing popularity of in-car multimedia systems, the need for customization of the user interface (UI) has become more prevalent. Car manufacturers and software developers are constantly looking for ways to make the UI more user-friendly, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing.

OEM Customization

OEM car navigation systems, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer navigation systems, are integrated navigation solutions specifically designed and built into vehicles during their manufacturing process. These systems offer drivers seamless access to advanced navigation features directly from their vehicle's dashboard.

ODM Customization

ODM car navigation systems, standing for Original Design Manufacturer, represent customized navigation solutions designed and manufactured by specialized companies for automotive brands. These systems offer a tailored approach to in-vehicle navigation, catering to the specific requirements and preferences of individual automobile manufacturers.